When Do Your Car Wheels Need Mesa Alignment Repair & Service?

If you are told by an auto mechanic that your car’s wheels need alignment how do you determine if you should agree?
Wheel alignment, which consists of adjusting the wheels so that they parallel to each other and are perpendicular to the ground is needed to maximize the life of your tires and for your safe driving.
Some of the symptoms of a car that is out of alignment are: uneven or rapid tire wear, pulling or moving away from a straight path and wandering even on a level road.

Determine if the premature or uneven wear tire is due to wheel misalignment by checking the tread depth of each tire using a coin if you don’t have a depth gauge. Check at the center, inside and outside areas of the tread. You need car alignment if the tread is deeper on one side than the other.

Then, feel with your hand the tread across its width. If the tread is smooth in one direction, but jagged in the other, you have an uneven wear called a “saw-tooth” pattern. Saw-tooth wear pattern is caused by a toe-in problem. This is another sign that your car needs alignment.

A car that continuously drifts or pulls to one side of the road when you let go of the wheel could also have misalignment problem. The same with a car that needs constant steering corrections to travel in a straight line. These conditions also cause premature tire wear.

Before any wheel alignment, the technician will check first if the car has no loose or worn front end parts. After the wheel alignment is finished, test drive your car on a straight and level road to confirm if the previous signs of misalignment have been corrected.

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