What Can Cause Wheel Alignment Problems?

Mesa Alignment Repair & Service
Wheel alignment, which refers to how the vehicle’s wheels are positioned in relation to the vehicle itself, can affect how the vehicle steers and how the tires wear. Car alignment problems can be avoided by knowing their causes which can be any or all of the following:

1. Worn Parts
The car’s suspension springs will wear out and cause the vehicle to sag after some time. The worn springs as well as the various joints or sockets or joints found under the vehicle can cause the car’s wheels to misalign.

2. Road Hazards
The impact of accidentally running over potholes, curbs and other road hazards can jar both the passengers and the vehicle. The rubber bushing on the suspension joints can be damaged and even some metal parts of the suspension can become bent.

3. Height Modification
Raising or lowering a vehicle’s height without the proper adjustments to the vehicle’s suspension settings can cause the wheels to be out of alignment because the other parts such as the control arms have been designed to work correctly at a specified height.

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