There are lots of articles out there on tires and tire replacement. Many of them are very accurate. Some of them, not so much. Some articles are just looking to scare you into putting out more money.

This is why I am here. In this blog I will explain to you the sure-fire signs to need to have new tires.


If your tire is deflating, you will see signs of this happening. As the tire goes down, bulges and cracks begin to show. When this happens, this is usually a sign of one of two things. Usually, the tire has low air pressure in it. Take a look at your tire. Depending on how low the pressure is, you might have to take it in.

It could also be that your car has a slow air leak. This is never a good sign. Take it in so it can be looked at. The air might be leaking slowly, but it will have dangerous consequences if not looked at right away.


Tire tread is not a laughing matter. There are two ways to handle this. You canmesa auto repair shops use the old penny trick. This one works wonders. I have used it with my last car. It really did save on lots of headaches. Place the penny in between the tread. Make sure the head is pointed down. If you can see the top of his head, the tread is really low. If this is the case, you need to take your car in. Take it in that day. It will save you time and money later.

Another way you can test the tread is by looking at the “wear bars.” Most modern cars have this feature. If the bar is worn down, that means the pressure is low. Replace the tire right away.


The tire pressure itself is another major factor. Check the pressure. Your tire pressure deflates faster than you think. Did you know that it deflates about one pound per inch? It’s true. Now will it deflate completely in one month? No, not exactly. You do need to check it. Check it every week. If it looks low, get it fixed. Buy one of those pressure kits. I did. It saved my life in more than one instance. It will save your life too.


Yes, this is one cause of needing new tires. Tires tend to lose their pressure in cold weather. Tires also tend to lose their pressure in heat. Excessive heat is even worse. Excessive heat will cause your tires to drop. I found this out when I moved to Florida. I let my car sit for a few days. This made things worse. The next time I got in, my tires seemed lower. If you haven’t used your car in a few days, be it hot or cold weather, check them out. If you have to, pump some air into them.

If you don’t do anything about it, it will get worse. If you let your tires go for too long, you will have to replace them.


You should never hear vibrations when you are driving. If you hear a “thump” when you drive, this is a bad sign. Pay attention to where it’s coming from. Is it coming from under the seats? Your rear tires might be off kilter a bit.auto repair in mesa az

If you are feeling the vibrations from the steering wheel, this could be a suspension problem. A suspension problem is nothing to joke about. You will need to get this looked at.

It does not matter where the vibrations are coming from, this is an indication that something is wrong.


These are some of your more basic observations. There are other indicators that your tires could be in trouble. I listed these, because these are the more common issues that drivers face.

Stay on top of your tire situation as much as possible. The worse thing in the world is to be stranded on the road, and have no one around to help you. Educate yourself any possible situation that might occur, including how to fix the issue. Knowledge is power. The more you educate yourself on your car, the better off you will be.