Signs that You need Suspension Repair

Taking care of your car’s suspension is important, but many drivers tend to neglect it. Not only can untreated problems make things worse, they can also decrease your safety and driving ability. Stay safe and save money by watching for these common signs that you need suspension repair.

Rough Ride

Car Suspension

Watch for Signs of Suspension Wear and Damage to Prevent more Costly Damage!

One of the most common indicators of worn shocks or struts is a rough ride. If you feel like every dip in the road is an enormous pothole or your vehicle won’t stop bouncing around, you probably need new shocks or struts. Not only do they make driving on rough roads much more bearable, they help you stop quickly.

Uneven Tire Tread

Do you already see wear on your new tires? Are certain areas wearing more than others? Uneven tire wear is a common result of suspension problems. Whether your car is bouncing too much or out of alignment, you should have it checked quickly before wasting more money on tires! Often a result of worn shocks or struts or poor alignment, uneven tire wear can sometimes indicate a more serious problem.

Clunking Sounds

Do you hear clunking or knocking sounds under your vehicle, especially when making a turn? Does your car pull or steer poorly? This often indicates a worn ball joint or other suspension problem. Such problems can increase your chances of a rollover and decrease your steering ability, so don’t neglect repairs!

If you notice any of these signs that you need suspension repair, call Street Automotive at 480-641-8784 for professional suspension repair in Mesa, AZ!