Signs That You Should Check Your Oil

Do you remember the last time you changed your oil? If you skipped your last scheduled oil change, you should get to a mechanic quickly. Saving money on an oil change isn’t worth ruining your engine! Watch out for these signs that you should check your oil.

You Don’t Remember Your Last Oil Change

Signs That You Should Check Your Oil

Follow your Oil Change Schedule for Best Performance

Perhaps one of the biggest signs that you should check your oil is not remembering when you last did so. Most vehicles go approximately 5,000 miles between oil changes, though your car may differ. This roughly translates to every 6 months, but could be more or less depending on how often you drive. Where you drive and how you drive can also affect how quickly your car needs an oil change. It’s best to follow the guideline set by your manufacturer for your specific model.

Your Engine is Especially Loud

When there is not enough lubricant or oil in your engine, your engine might run louder. This comes from various parts grinding or rubbing instead of moving smoothly. If you notice that your engine seems louder than usual, take a look at your oil to see if it is low. Other unusual noises from your engine may be cause for concern and you should inspect it or take it to an auto shop.

Your Engine Light is On

No one likes to see their engine light come on, especially if they can’t figure out why. The first things you should check when this happens are the gas cap and oil level. Modern vehicles will trigger a sensor if the fuel cap is not properly secured, and some have oil lights that are separate from the check engine light. Read your owner’s manual to learn which dashboard light indicates a problem with your oil.

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