Signs of a Bad Alternator

Signs of a Bad AlternatorCustomers sometimes ask us; “what does the alternator do?” Alternators and batteries work in unison to to charge a vehicles electric needs. Alternators are designed to function as amperage generators, from which the battery can access the required electricity. If you are having problems with your battery, it could be one of the signs of a bad alternator. At Street Automotive, we maintenance vehicles, and help you get back on the road ASAP. CallĀ 480-641-8784 for auto maintenance in Mesa, AZ. Below are some alternator symptoms that require professional assistance:

Dead Battery

Most people assume a dead battery is due to the battery itself, failing. While this is true in some cases, other times dead batteries are one of the signs of a bad alternator. Since the alternator supplies the charge for your car battery, any disconnection between the two mechanisms, can cause battery failure. If you are unsure of this applies to battery symptoms or alternator symptoms, contact Street Automotive and set up an inspection.

Faded Headlights

Did you notice faded or dim headlights while driving at night? This can be an indication of a damaged alternator. Alternators are the source of electricity for your headlights, so a weakening beam is likely originating from a substandard electrical supply. A mechanic will inspect your vehicle and provide a more concrete diagnosis.

Indicator Light

The most obvious of all the alternator symptoms, is the indicator light. On many vehicles, a light will read “ALT” indicating a known issue with your alternator. On some models, the light might display “GEN” instead of “ALT” but in each case, professional assistance is required. CallĀ 480-641-8784 for auto maintenance in Mesa, AZ!