Should you repair your car or just give up?

Trash it or keep it is the question when an older car begins to have major problems. One reason for this is the materials that are being used today vs the materials that use to go into automobiles.

mesa car repairCars are more expensive and probably more expensive to repair. In the early eighties and late seventies, the automotive industry began the process of recycling metal and steel that made up the door panels, the hood, the roof, and the side panels. Street Automotive works on all cars regardless of age. When steel began to become scarce the recycling process began. Recycling of automotive steel was out of necessity due to the decrease amount of steel in the automotive industry. This is about the same time that the automotive industry began searching for alternatives to steel such as fiberglass and composite materials. In an automobile crash, the fiberglass and plastics seem to crack or split more than the steel did before the 80’s. Steel today is full of trash, so to speak. The steel today is less than perfect because of recycling. It has issues and is much thinner than years past. This is only one of the issues that are affecting automobile recycling, repairing, and prices. Parts are much more expensive and a minor repair may turn into a major overhaul if you do not know what you are doing. Home repairs vs garage repairs come into play with your experience and your finances. How do we know our car is worth more than the repairs?

mesa automotiveMinor repairs can cost a lot of money if you do not know what you are doing. Simple repairs such as wheel bearing replacement. It is essential to have a good alignment as well as working wheel bearing to keep the car running well. The average cost for repairing a wheel bearing is about $300 dollars in a garage. This is because the tire needs to be put on a lift, tires need to be removed, brake pads and all have to be removed to get to the problem. After you reach the problem you have the fun part of beating it out and then replacing it by having it beat back in. This process breaks down to cost you more in the long run and makes you wonder if the car is worth the trouble. Automotive repairs can end up costing more than a car or truck is worth but then you have to worry about purchasing another if you ditch yours. Troubleshooting is one of the challenges that you may face. Going to the local parts stores can help. Some problems a car faces can be diagnosed using their diagnostic machines for free.

The cost of repairs vs the cost of buying another automobile can make you crazy. Imagine if you have a car that is worth $1000 but is broke. You have to replace the water pump, the axles in the front, and then purchase a new tire for each side because of the wear from the alignment of the car. These repairs will cost you much more than $1000 if your time is worth anything. So, you begin to wonder if the repairs will be worth it on this car. Go to dealerships and begin the process of hunting for another car. The cars you look at are not even new. The down payment is much more than your car is worth. Then you will have another payment to add to your already stressed budget. Is it worth it?

street autmotivePurchasing a used car is worth it if your car has so many issues that it is not worth you repairing. Especially if you value your time or do not know what you are doing. Check into the cost of repairs vs selling your car for scrap metal. If you want to take the time to part out your car, you will probably end up making the money you need to buy another used car. Down payments today can be really high if you have less than perfect credit. Before you begin selling parts from your car or looking for another used car, check your credit score and make sure you can afford the down payments.

There are automotive repairs and services that are worth paying for on any automobile. Oil changes, transmission changes, tire balancing, replacing shocks, and typical maintenance items. Other things such as replacing batteries, replacing tires, recharging air conditioning can be well worth the cost. Vehicle maintenance is something that will save the lives of your automobile. Purchasing a small book to keep tabs of all of your maintenance will make your car run better and will extend the life of your car. In the end, you know what you have in your car and how much it will cost to make it good as new.