Service Tips for First Time Drivers

Starting Out with Service Maintenance

First time drivers will find in the owner’s manual that the manufacturer recommends regular scheduled maintenance. Of course experienced drivers know that their car needs annual inspections to avoid unexpected system breakdowns and to make needed repairs.

To avoid your engine overheating, it is important to have your cooling system maintained. The anti-freeze flowing through your engine regulates the temperature. Old anti-freeze, rust, and other contaminants can build up and prevent your cooling system for working properly. At Street Automotive, we provide a complete cooling flush to cleanse your engine of the old anti-freeze and debris. Adding clean anti-freeze and conditioners will extend the life of your vehicle’s engine. Other overheating problems can occur from issues with thermostats, water pumps, fans, a radiator or gasket. The skilled technicians at Street Automotive will provide a complete evaluation to diagnose the cause of your engine overheating.

Diagnosing the engine troubleYou can avoid the discomforts of a failing or inadequate air conditioning system. Compressors break down and leaks can cause damage, forcing you to replace your air conditioner system. Street Automotive will also check fans, air filters, and refrigerants. Our professional mechanics use the latest diagnostic tools and technology to enhance your air conditioner’s highest level of performance.

The pollutants and poisons expelled from your automobile are not only harmful to your health and the atmosphere, but also to your vehicles air filtration system. Polluted gases in your air filtration system can enter your auto’s cabin through a faulty cabin filter. Having your automobile air filter changed will protect you from breathing toxic pollutants from other vehicles while you are at idle in heavy traffic. With regular maintenance inspections, Street Automotive’s trained technicians will inform you of the status of your filter system and offer any necessary service or repairs.

shocks and struts in a vehicleThe brakes on your vehicle receives a lot of wear and tear. If you notice your automobile is slow to stop when you apply the brakes, or you hear an annoying squeaking sound, you may need to have the brake pads and rotors checked. For brake system issues, all four tires and wheels need to be removed for proper brake pad and rotor inspection. To extend the durability of the brake pads, the rotors should be resurfaced. Often overlooked, the quality of your brake fluid is important. Dirty brake fluid can hinder the flow to the brake calipers. This can create problems with your vehicle’s ability to stop. Our professional mechanics will make sure your vehicle receives the correct pads and other brake parts that are specifically designed for your auto’s make and model.

Your automobile’s electrical system is composed of a complex network of wires, sensing mechanisms, and computers. Any communication breakdown within any of these components could have significant consequences. Your battery can be affected by electrical system problems such as a loose cable, wires, or a faulty connection to the alternator. Street Automotive’s certified technicians work with a full line of tools, scanners, and other manufacturer certified equipment. They are trained and familiar with the computers controlling your vehicle’s starter, alternator, air conditioner, and other computer controlled components.

Other Measures for Preventive Maintenance Care and Repair:

• Heat wears down the rubber of windshield wiper blades. To optimize your vehicle’s maintenance, be sure to regularly inspect and change your wiper blades.
• Motor oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It lubricates and protects the moving parts of the engine from heat and friction. Eventually, old oil begins to break down and become ineffective in its performance. Your owner’s manual and our certified technicians can advise you on scheduling regular oil changes.
• Proper tire inflation and inspection cannot only add to the life of your tires, but can prevent tire blowouts and other life-threatening scenarios. Maintain tire rotations, air pressure, and wheel alignment adjustments.

Car maintenance is an important part of driving. First time drivers can increase the longevity of their vehicles with regularly scheduled maintenance. Street Automotive is ready to assist you with all your maintenance & service needs.