Water Pump Services

Repair & Replacement

water pump replacementIf you think your water pump has gone out, you should seek¬†service immediately. We can provide you with a free diagnostic of your car’s problem and it usually just takes a few minutes. We commonly beat dealer auto repair pricing by 30 to 50%.

So if you think you are in the market for water pump replacement and live in the area, then please give come by or give us a call today. We provide the high quality, but affordable water pump services in Mesa. Repair or replacement are both options, so we will help you determine the best solution for your situation.

What does a water pump do?

Your vehicle’s water pump plays an important role in your vehicle’s operation. The water pump is responsible for pushing coolant from the radiator through the coolant system. From here it travels into the engine and then back around to the radiator.

The heat picked up by the coolant in the engine is then transferred to the air at the radiator. If your water pump isn’t working, your coolant will simply sit in the system. This will lead to your engine overheating which can result in serious damage to your engine.

When should I replace my water pump?

A good rule of thumb for replacing water pumps is to do it at the same time you service your timing belt. Your vehicle’s user manual will usually tell you the mileage you should service both items. If you are uncertain, feel free to visit us so we can help you determine the best time.

Other signs you should watch for are the following:

  • Coolant leaking around your water pump
  • Weep holes located on the¬†water pump casing
  • Excessive noise coming from your water pump

Need help fixing or diagnosing a water pump problem? We provide the best water pump repair service and replacement of any auto repair shop you can find. We provide free diagnostics, so stop by any time. Our mechanics are professional and trustworthy.

For quality, affordable water pump services (repair & replacement) in Mesa, come visit Street Automotive.