Transmission Repair

transmission gear shifterAre you looking to get a new transmission or repair your existing transmission? At Street Automotive, we are your number one choice for transmission repair in Mesa, AZ. Inside your vehicle is a gearbox that can change gears while the car or truck is moving. This gearbox is referred to as an automatic transmission. Over time these gears can wear down, leaving you in need of transmission repair. It is vital to get your transmission repaired before damages get worse and you have no choice but to do a whole transmission replacement which costs a lot more than a simple repair to your transmission.  At Street Automotive, we also provide our clients with a transmission flush that can help prevent damages to your existing transmission system. Our expert mechanics have several years of experience working on transmissions and are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service every time.  At Street Automotive we provide quality, and affordable transmission repair in Mesa, AZ. Come in today or call us to set up appointment!

Transmission Flush

transmission fluidAlthough oil changes are the most widely known maintenance service, oil is not the only lubrication in your automobile that needs to be changed at regular intervals. Transmission fluid lubricates your transmission and is extremely important to the smooth operation of the system. This fluid should be changed out at regular intervals depending upon your car make and model. Just like oil, transmission fluid breaks down over time and can get debris in it. When the fluid breaks down the gears in your car transmission will begin to wear at a faster rate due to increased friction from debris and decreased lubrication.

At Street Automotive, we provide affordable automatic transmission flush services that flush out your old transmission fluid and replace it with new transmission fluid. Many people put off a transmission flush, but this can cost you more down the road. If you do not maintain your transmission you may end up needing to replace, rebuild or repair your transmission. Come in today if you are unsure that your car needs a transmission replacement, repair or flush in Mesa, AZ, and our expert mechanics will be happy to help! If you already have sustained damages to your transmission, talk to us about transmission repairs. We have decades of experience working on a wide array of transmissions in both cars and trucks, so we are up to the task! At Street Automotive, our reliable mechanics will help you determine if you need simple transmission repairs or a transmission rebuild if you are unsure of the level of severity of the damage to your transmission.

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At Street Automotive, we provide the best transmission repair service and replacement of any auto repair shop you can find. We provide free estimates and diagnostics to ensure the problem is found. If you are unsure if your transmission is need of service or not come in today! We have the best, most reliable mechanics of any auto shop in the area. When you need high quality transmission repair or a simple transmission flush in Mesa, AZ at reasonable price, come visit Street Automotive.