Transfer Case Services

Replacement & Repairs

transfer case repairsIf you’ve noticed your car acting up recently, maybe making strange noises or not running properly, then it’s probably time to have some service done. Bring your car or truck to our shop in Mesa for transfer case replacement and repairs.

4WD system – transfer case service
In a 4 wheel drive system. each wheel needs to be able to function independently from one another. That’s the job of the transfer case. It allows each axles to spin at varying speeds, and provides power to each of them.

When a transfer case starts to go bad, it can be a very noisy affair. Generally, it will produce a very loud grinding sound as you drive, and and can make it difficult for your car to shift in between gears. If you suspect that your transfer case has gone bad, make sure to bring it to our shop. By waiting to have it repaired, you could be doing even more damage to your transmission, which is a whole different can of worms.