Suspension Service

Shocks & Struts Repair

shocks and strutsDoes your vehicle require shocks and strut repair? At Street Automotive, we offer high quality suspension services at a low cost in Mesa, AZ.  Shocks and struts are meant to absorb dips and bumps that your car encounters on the road. Your struts actually help hold your vehicle’s wheel in place and are the major contributor in stabilizing your car or truck. The shocks are there to minimize the bouncing involved with the spring inside the strut and provide a smoother ride. At Street Automotive we provide high quality shock and struts repair and are committed to bringing complete satisfaction to our customers. Please stop by today or give us a call for more information about our suspension services. Shocks and struts can be a bit expensive to replace, so it’s important to report a problem right away to get professional assistance for your vehicle. Street Automotive is your top-shop choice for suspension services in Mesa, AZ.

If you have any issues with your vehicle’s suspension, come see us today! At Street Automotive, we are your number one choice for suspension services in Mesa, AZ. Shocks & struts repair / replacements are also some of our specialties, so come by anytime for the best mechanic services in town.

How your suspension works

Your shocks look like a long tube with another slightly smaller tube that slides into the larger tube. These tubes are filled with fluid to provide the proper pressure for your vehicle. Struts are basically larger cylinders with large springs inside of them. The springs are under pressure and help to stabilize your car. If your shocks and struts wear out then your car will tend to bump or bounce around more than it should. It can actually cause a safety concern to your driving.  The following are signs you need repairs to your shocks and struts:

  • shocks and struts in a vehicleYour car bounces excessively after you drive over a dip or bump in the road
  • Your vehicle bottoms out after you go over bumps (like a railroad crossing)
  • You hear odd sounds coming from your wheels
  • Your vehicle has an exaggerated body lean
  • When you brake your vehicle nose dives
  • You see fluid leaking from your shocks (if this happens you should seek a mechanic’s help immediately)

If you see any of these signs. come in or call us as soon as possible before the problem spreads and becomes more costly. At Street Automotive, we provide the best shocks and struts repair service and replacement of any auto repair shop you can find. We provide free estimates, diagnostics and have the best mechanics of any place in the local area, so come in today, so our trusted and reliable mechanics can give you honest results and high quality service to get the job done right!

At Street Automotive we offer high quality suspension service, including shocks & struts repair or replacement at great prices in Mesa, AZ. Come visit us today!