Oil Leak Repair

Is your driveway covered in oil due to a leak in your vehicle? At Street Automotive, we are your number one mechanic shop for reliable and efficient oil leak repair in Mesa, AZ. An oil leak is one of the easiest problems to spot with your car or truck, however, it can be an indication of much worse problems with your vehicle. The worst thing you can do is not tend to it and have the oil spread to other wires and hoses in your vehicle causing them to degrade prematurely. If you see oil spots in your driveway, come in and see us right away! At Street Automotive, our reliable and expert mechanics will provide your vehicle with the highest quality oil leak repair in Mesa, AZ.oil change

At Street Automotive, we have ASE certified mechanics on duty at all times that can quickly diagnose your oil leak source. Additionally our basic diagnostics and quote for repair services are free of charge, so don’t hesitate and bring your vehicle in right away and we can provide it with excellent care. Remember, Street Automotive is a locally owned and operated auto shop that is committed to providing the highest quality services, so be sure to come to us.

Oil Leak Precautions

Oil leaks to your car or truck may be detrimental to the vehicle and other parts of the vehicle that help provide an efficient drive, especially if the oil leak goes unattended. Bring your car in today, and our trusted mechanics can provide you with a free quote and diagnostics to your vehicle. There are several different signs to keep a close eye on when looking for oil leaks. Here are some precautions that you should keep an eye out to see if your vehicle has any oil leaks:

  • Oil spots on driveway asphalt/concrete
  • Blue smoke coming from the tail pipe
  • Pipes and wires soaked or wet from oil
  • Frequent drops of oil levels when checking with a dip stick
  • Burning oil odor may mean that there is an oil leak near hot surfaces of your vehicle

If you do see a puddle in your driveway or under your car, it may be another fluid other than oil. If you see a red liquid then it’s probably your transmission fluid. If the liquid is either green or orange then it’s a coolant leak. But if there’s brown liquid, then it’s your oil. If you can’t tell whether or not you have an oil leak, please come in today and we’ll provide efficient service for your vehicle. No matter where or how severe the oil leak is to your vehicle, Street Automotive is your top-shop choice for high quality service at a reasonable cost. Remember, it’s best to have a professional to check out your vehicle if you see any signs of oil leaks.

At Street Automotive, we are your top-shop choice for oil leak repair in Mesa, AZ.