O2 Sensor Repairs

02 Sensor repairsAn O2 sensor in need of repair can increase your emissions and adversely affect your fuel efficiency

Most cars today are equipped with a pair of oxygen sensors; there’s one near the engine (called the upstream sensor), and one located somewhere near your catalytic converter (the downstream). Between them, they can measure the levels of exhaust your car is producing and are able to tell how well your converter is filtering your exhaust.

A faulty oxygen sensor or two is a one common reason you might have a check engine light come on, so if you need a replacement O2 sensor in Mesa, come by Street Automotive!

The Importance of an O2 Sensor

While Mesa may not require you to meet any emissions standards, that doesn’t mean you should just ignore the problem. Increased emissions due to bad O2 sensors can often lead to more expensive repairs like a catalytic converter. And it’s going to noticeably reduce your MPG, so you’ll be burning money while you try to ignore the problem. Repairs don’t just go away by ignoring them, they only get worse, so when your oxygen sensors go bad, bring your car in to our shop!

Most people won’t know there’s a problem with their O2 sensors until that light pops on, but there are a couple of symptoms you can look out for to stay ahead of any necessary sensor repairs. We’ve mentioned the loss of fuel efficiency, but the same poor air-to-fuel ratio that causes a bad MPG can also cause a rough idle or engine misfire. Replacing an O2 sensor can be a simple, common repair, so there’ no reason to put it off. Street Automotive in Mesa can replace an O2 sensor and have you back on the road in no time.

No matter what kind of repair you’re looking for, from oxygen sensors to timing belts, we’ve got you covered here at Street Automotive! Give us a call or come by the shop if you’re having any issues with your car or truck.