Fuel Pump Repairs

fuel pump repairWhen your car or truck’s fuel pump isn’t working, you will undoubtedly become aware of the issue. Your vehicle’s fuel pump is critical to the function of the entire system. Without a fuel pump, fuel cannot leave your fuel tank and make it to your engine. If you are facing any issues with your fuel pump, come by our auto repair shop. We provide high quality, affordable fuel pump repairs in Mesa, AZ. 

Fuel pumps function on a simple principle: they pump your vehicle’s fuel from the tank it is stored in to the engine where it is used. Because of the extreme danger of placing the fuel tank by the engine, your tank is located far away from the engine which needs to use the fuel found within. A fuel pump solves this issue by pumping the fuel to the location it is needed as it is needed.

Many vehicles once had gravity feed gas but today’s automobiles have a fuel pump (usually located in the gas tank). The fuel pump pumps gasoline from the fuel tank into the carburetor or fuel injection system of your car’s engine.

Signs you need repairs

There are a variety of signs that may indicate your fuel pump is in need of repairs. The following are some of the situations you may face when your fuel pump is going out:

  • Sputtering engine at high speeds: If you are driving at highway speeds and your engine seems to “sputter,” it may be due to your fuel pump.
  • Loss of power during acceleration: When you push down the gas pedal from a stopping position and your vehicle starts, then loses power, it can be the fault of your fuel pump.
  • Losing power when vehicle is under stress: Failing fuel pumps can cause your vehicle to lose power when they are under large amounts of stress. This might occur when you are pulling a load or driving uphill.
  • Vehicle surges forward: If your vehicle lunges forward like you hit the gas, your fuel pump could be at fault.
  • Engine refuses to start: If your engine simply won’t turn over, it could be due to a disabled fuel pump.

A failing fuel pump should be addressed immediately. As can be noted from above, some of the repercussions of failing fuel pumps are dangerous to the safety of you and your passengers.

We are the auto repair shop to help you with fuel pump repairs in Mesa. Our work is reliable and affordable. Come visit our trained, professional mechanics today at Street Automotive.