Engine Services

Repair & Overhaul

engine repairA vehicle without a properly operating engine is useless. If you are facing engine issues, please come visit us. We offer high quality engine services in Mesa. If engine overhaul is necessary, we can provide this service as well. We will inspect your vehicle thoroughly and get to the bottom of your engine problems.

We work on just about any make/model of vehicle and can save you money over dealership costs. Our mechanics have years of experience working with a wide array of engines. We are extremely passionate about our work, so we only provide the best engine services possible.

Engine Issues

Your engine is a complex system. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with an engine. Usually engines won’t give you serious trouble until they have high mileage. But engine trouble can plague any vehicle, new or old.

In between the cylinder head and the engine block is the head gasket. It’s function is to produce a seal so that the engine coolant and engine oil don’t not leak out. Often your head gasket is one of the first things to need replacement on your engine.

Diagnosing the engine troubleThere are several types of head gaskets such as:

  • Solid copper
  • MLS (multiple layers steel)
  • Elastomeric
  • Composite

We carry all of these head gasket types. If your engine is giving you trouble, hopefully you will just need the head gasket replaced. But if more extreme damage has occurred you could actually have a warped head instead of a blown head gasket. In this case a complete engine overhaul may be necessary.

When you bring your vehicle in to us we will examine the engine and get to the bottom of your vehicle’s issues. Then we will provide you with a thorough assessment. At this point we can help you decide the best course of action depending on the value of your vehicle.

Facing engine issues can be quite daunting. Please stop by Street Automotive for the best engine services in Mesa. Engine overhaul can be a stress free project when we handle it for you. And remember, we will typically save you 50% over car dealer pricing. We have great prices and great service!