EGR Valve

Repair & Replacement

Exhaust gas recirculation valve EGR valveWhat is an EGR Valve?

In the interest of cleaner air and lower pollution, auto manufacturers are always looking for ways to better reduce car emissions. As it turns out, cars don’t just generate emissions when they’re running, they can even give off certain types of pollution when they’re just sitting in your driveway.

Gas from the gas tank can evaporate, and those fumes contribute to pollution. To combat this, evaporative emissions systems have been implemented to capture these fumes, and a big part of that system is the EGR Valve. If you suspect that you might need EGR valve repair in Mesa, then stop by our shop, Street Automotive.

On top of lowering emissions, the EGR Valve (exhaust gas recirculation) helps increase your car’s fuel economy. By capturing the evaporative fumes created by the gasoline and running it back through the combustion chamber, the fuel burns more completely and efficiently. This wastes less gas, and can retain a better MPG.

Do I Need an EGR Valve Replacement?

If your EGR Valve becomes stuck, or won’t open, or is otherwise broken, you can run in to a couple of different problems. You may start to experience a rough engine idle or feel jumpy when you’re trying to accelerate. If that’s the case, you may have a check engine light trigger on your dash. As a part of the emissions system in your car, a bad EGR valve should throw a code if it begins to malfunction.

If you suspect your EGR valve needs replacement in Mesa, you can always give us a call, or swing by our shop with your car, and we’ll check out any problems that you’re experiencing!