Differential Service

Differential repairYour rear differential needs lubricant changes too. When people think of fluid changes in their car or truck the pretty much only think of oil changes. But really all lubricants in your car need to be changed out from time to time. A lubricant is there to help prevent fiction. If differential lubricant breaks down then friction begins to occur at a more rapid pace and that’s where damage is done.

We change your differential fluid and the gasket at the same time to help prevent leaks. And we give your car’s differential system the new lubricant that if needs so that you don’t end up with gears locking up.

Need help fixing or diagnosing a differential problem? We provide the best differential repair service and replacement in Mesa of any auto repair shop you can find. We provide free estimates, diagnostics and have the best mechanics of any place in the area. Broken parts, funny sounds, leaking fluid, no problem! Give us a Call!