Clutch Replacement

clutch replacementYour vehicle’s clutch is the device that engages the power produced by your car’s engine. The clutch disconnects the engine from the gearbox when you change gears. It is also what allows the engine to idle.

Needless to say, you need your clutch working properly to operate your vehicle safely. We are the best clutch repair shop in Mesa. Clutch replacement or repairs can ensure your vehicle is running like new in no time at all! Do not put off this important repair. Remember, proper vehicle maintenance will prevent you from being stranded somewhere with an inoperable vehicle.

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What are the signs of a worn out clutch?

If you are concerned your clutch may be wearing out, the following are signs to watch out for:

  • Difficulty putting your vehicle into gear
  • Hearing a grinding noise when you change gears
  • A rise in engine speeds, but a lack of power to your vehicle

When you notice any of these signs of a failing clutch, bring your vehicle in to our skilled mechanics. We will begin by providing a thorough inspection of your entire clutch system. Then we can target what needs repairs or replacement. We are always upfront and honest with our clients. We will never conduct any work without your approval. And our prices are often half the cost of dealership repairs.

If you do need clutch replacement we will begin by removing the driveline and transmission. This allows us to replace all of the following:mechanic looking under car

  • The clutch plate
  • The pressure plate
  • The pilot bearing
  • The throw-out bearing

We also will remove your flywheel and resurface it for smooth clutch engagement. We pay attention to every single detail of your vehicle to ensure it operates smoothly for you when you leave.

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We are your one-stop auto repair shop, so please visit us if you believe you need clutch repairs. We provide high quality, but affordable clutch replacement in Mesa. Do not neglect this important repair. Stop by today for a diagnosis of your clutch system.