Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converterWhen it comes to saving the environment your car’s catalytic converter is one of the most important of any parts you have because it converts toxic emissions from your car’s engine into non-toxic substances. The catalytic converter is necessary for air quality standards and to pass emissions tests, so your car can be street legal.  In addition, if your catalytic converter isn’t functioning properly, then you probably will not pass state inspection until it has been repaired or replaced. At Street Automotive, our expert mechanics are your number one option for reliable and efficient catalytic converter repair and replacement in Mesa, AZ.

Emission Test & Catalytic Converters

car exhaust spewing pollutionAnytime that you go in for an emission test, you must make sure that your catalytic converter is working properly, or you’ll have to make many trips back and forth for multiple emissions tests until you pass. The best way to guarantee a passing emission test is to take your car into a professional mechanic before the testing, so you know that everything is in order and working properly. Emission tests are very important to maintain a clean transportation system for all vehicles on the road, so it’s vital to have your catalytic converter working properly.  Our experts give reliable and trusted diagnostics of your vehicle to figure out each problem you may have with your exhaust system.  At Street Automotive, we are committed to providing you with excellent services that will get your car past any emission tests and ready for the road!  Come in today, so we can take care of any of your automotive problems with the highest quality service.

History of Catalytic Converters

Invented by a French mechanical engineer named Eugene Houdry after he moved to Los Angeles and noticed a heavy cloud of smog hovering over the city in the mid-1950s and realized that the pollution was coming from mostly automobiles or other fuel-used machines. Now, they are required in most counties all over the country to maintain a clean atmosphere.

At Street Automotive, we are your number one option for catalytic converter repair and replacement in Mesa, AZ. Call us today or come on in, to see what options we have to offer you for all your auto service needs.