Wheel / Slave Cylinder Repair

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wheel cylinderYour vehicle’s wheel cylinder aka slave cylinder is a part of a drum brake system. It is typically located at the top of each wheel right above the brake pads. It’s purpose is to help to exert pressure against the pads so that they can in turn make contact with the drum so as to create the friction needed to stop the car.

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Your slave cylinders are located in your car’s braking system as a part of your brake calipers. Inside of your brake calipers are pistons. These pistons directly press onto the brake pads. You will usually have a larger number and size of pistons on the front of your car. This is due to the fact that your front end brakes take the bulk of the weight transfer during braking.

Your calipers in the rear have less pistons that are also smaller in size. Less braking work is done by the back of your car. When your brake pedal is pressed all of the individual slave cylinders translate the pressure into braking force.

A brake slave cylinder (or wheel cylinder) is the name given to each piston and bore found in your vehicle’s brake calipers. They were given this name because they only work based on the pressure exerted by the master cylinder.

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