Auto A/C Compressor

auto air conditioner compressorDoes your car need air conditioning services? At Street Automotive, we are your top choice for reliable auto A/C compressor repair and replacement. Our mechanics have several years working with car air conditioners, an can’t wait to work on yours! Auto AC compressors are one of a few components of car AC units and are considered to be the ‘heart’ of the system. Before considering repair or replacement of your auto A/C compressor, it helps to learn about the system. The car AC compressor has many moving parts that keep your air conditioner working smoothly, and efficiently. At Street Automotive we are your number one choice for auto A/C compressor repair and replacement in Mesa, AZ.

Auto A/C Compressor Components

Your car’s AC compressor has many different moving components that are vital to its functioning, including pistons and valves. When it comes to replacing or repairing your car’s AC compressor, it’s important that you replace the receiver dryer and orifice tube which help the compressor retract loose metal objects that find their way into the compressor. If you don’t replace them with your car AC compressor, it will ruin it and will not be covered by warranty because of improper repair.

Replacing your Auto A/C Compressor

At Street Automotive, we are committed to providing excellent auto A/C compressor service in Mesa, AZ. Here’s a few steps we take when replacing your car air conditioning compressor:

  • Check your car AC system for pressure
  • Check for power and the ground of the car compressor
  • If the compressor is defective, remove all of the refrigerant
  • Then remove the compressor along with the receiver drier, orifice tube and expansion valve
  • Flush any foreign materials from your car’s AC system
  • Install your new compressor, receiver drier as well as the orifice tube
  • Evacuate and then recharge the car A/C system
  • Check for any system leakages
  • Overview of new AC compression operation

If you have any further questions or concerns about your car air conditioner, call us today to set up an appointment or come on in! At Street Automotive we are your top-shop choice for auto A/C compressor repair and replacement in Mesa, AZ.