Reasons for a Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

Your Check Engine Light Could Have a Number of Causes.

A check engine light will often illuminate to confusion and frustration. You don’t know what the notification means, only that you need to take your vehicle in for service. This proves especially obnoxious, as it means we must trust our mechanic’s word on the problem.

At Street Automotive, we never mislead customers, and only provide top-notch service. Nevertheless, we think it’s important for drivers to understand their dashboard lights. If you receive a check engine light, it likely appears due to one of the following.

Loose Gas Cap

A sealed gas cap helps regulate the pressure in your gas tank. If you don’t attend to this, you can lose fuel due to evaporation, and make more trips to the gas station.

Spark Plugs

Your engine light will appear when your spark plugs need replacement. Spark plugs ignite the air and fuel combination inside your combustion chamber. Without them, you could experience poor performance and worse fuel efficiency.

Mass Airflow Sensor

This sensor measures the air that enters your engine to determine fuel requirements for smooth operation. If you do not fix this, you will experience worse performance.

Catalytic Converter

This device aids the environment through the conversion of carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. Cars with faulty catalytic converters will experience worsened performance and fuel economy.

O2 Sensor

This sensor measures the unburned oxygen in your exhaust. This prevents your engine from burning too much fuel, a function without which you can count on reduced fuel efficiency. You car will burn up 40 percent more gas with a compromise O2 sensor.

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