Nun Faces DUI for Wine and Ambien

a photo of a hand next to a rosaryA nun in Philadelphia is standing trial for a possible DUI charge after wrecking her car during an apparent instance of “sleep-driving“. Sister Kimberley Miller insists that she was not drunk, but was acting out in her sleep due to an adverse side effect from the Ambien. Police weren’t buying it, and arrested Miller for driving under the influence.

Sister Kimberley admitted to drinking two glasses of wine on the evening of the accident. It’s possible that the alcohol could have amplified the Ambien’s effects, or that Miller, a sleepwalker since childhood, was simply more vulnerable to those side effects. There has not yet been a ruling in the case.

Even people with the best of intentions can have bad effects from medication, especially if the medication is mixed with alcohol and underlying health conditions. If you take medicine, ask your doctor about any interactions it may have with other medicines or alcohol. And never drive if you’ve taken sleeping pills, with or without alcohol. It could save your life, or someone else’s!

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