Mercedes Would Like Frequent Travelers to Buy a Car

In a partnership move, car manufacturer Mercedes Benz is offering some pretty big discounts to people who have racked up a lot of frequent flier miles through United Airlines.

A dozen different Mercedes models, from 2013 and 2014, are part of the program that allows United customers to save up to $5,000 on a Mercedes. The car company is hoping that gaining acess to such a large group of potential customers, they will be able to generate a few more sales, and people like Randy Peterson, an expert on frequent flier programs, agrees, calling it a “brilliant move.

There are over 80 million customers in the United database, 9 million of which are “elite members,” and the preferred target when you’re trying to sell a luxury car.

These kinds of creative partnerships can prove to be beneficial to both parties. If Mercedes can sell a few cars, United stands to gain as well. Certain model being offered come with up to 25,000 bonus miles that are credited to your account. So if you’ve been flying around on United for the past few years and you’ve got some miles just waiting to be used, it looks like no is a good a time as ever to buy a Benz.

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