Maintenance Tips for an Efficient Cooling System

Mesa Radiator Repair Replacement & Service
Whether it’s the cold or hot season, a vehicle’s cooling system is vital to protecting your car engine. To keep your car’s or truck’s cooling system running at peak efficiency, you should regularly check the following as part of the cooling system’s maintenance.

Correct Fluid Levels
At least once a month, check for the correct coolant levels at the radiator tank as well as in the reserve tank or overflow tank. If you need to add fluid to the radiator tank, make sure to use the right antifreeze coolant with the right proportion of water (a 50/50 mix of coolant and water during warm weather and a 70% coolant and 30% water mixture during extremely cold weather).

Regular Radiator Drain and Flush
Drain and replace the coolant and water mixture in the radiator at least once a year and every 18 months to two years if you drive in very cold and in warmer climates respectively. It’s also a good idea to flush the radiator system before refilling it with a new coolant.

Radiator Caps and Hoses
Always check the radiator cap and water outlet cap on your reserve tank for cracks or other damage on the bottom of the cap. Any damaged caps should be replaced immediately. Inspect all of the hoses and tubes for cracks or cuts that may result in antifreeze leaks. Even visually good radiator hoses should be replaced every three or four years as they become brittle.

Radiator Tank and Overflow
Inspect the radiator tank and radiator overflow or reserve tank every few months or so for small cracks, pinholes or punctures which can still be repaired. If they become big, you may need to replace the tanks.

Some of these maintenance checks can be done by the average motorists themselves but some need the services of professional Mesa mechanics. If you need Cooling System Flush Service & Repair in Mesa, go to Street Automotive at 6410 E. Main St. Mesa, AZ 85205.