Tire Rotation Services

tire rotation servicesEach tire on your car or truck has different pressure and friction points placed on different areas of it. This can be due to your car’s alignment being off, or you may have differences coming from the shocks, struts, tie rods, weight of the car or other factors. All this can lead to uneven wear of your vehicle’s tires.

It is a good idea to rotate the front tires with the rear tires since the front tires and rear tires tend to wear at different intervals. By rotating your tires, you can extend the life of them. You can move them from the front to back or even from one side to the other depending on where your tires are wearing most. If you need tire rotation services in Mesa, stop by Street Automotive. We will be happy to help you increase the longevity of your tires.

How often should I rotate my tires?

tire rotation serviceTire rotation is a critical component of ongoing vehicle maintenance. We recommend you rotate your tires every 3,000-6,000 miles. This simple service will help eliminate premature tire wear. And in the end, it will save you hundreds of dollars in tire replacement.

When you bring your car in for a tire rotation, we will provide the following services:

  • We begin by removing the tires
  • Then we inspect the wear patterns
  • Next, we determine where to put the tires back on so they wear most evenly
  • Finally, we will reset the tire-pressure monitors as needed

Rotating your tires will provide you with a smoother ride. And, it will help your tires continue to wear evenly so the tread lasts longer.

We are your one-stop Auto Repair Shop. Don’t forget, we have the best auto mechanics around, and we will typically save you 50% over car dealer pricing. So please stop in to Street Automotive when you need tire rotation services in Mesa.