AZ State Inspection

Passing Emissions

car exhaust spewing pollutionAre you looking for an Arizona car State Inspection in Mesa? We are your State Inspection experts. We can typically have you in and out within 10 minutes. Our company employs multiple certified State Inspectors so that the process is fast, easy and smooth.

Additionally, we can inspect your truck or motorcycle. Remember, state inspections are mandatory not only to ensure proper vehicle emission limits for better air quality, but also to make sure the driver is operating a safe vehicle. So, if you do have any safety issues, we can help. We handle more than just oil changes and state vehicle inspections. We provide certified mechanics that handle all areas or maintenance, service and replacement of parts if needed.

Repairs to Pass Emissions

If needed, we can help you get your vehicle State Inspection ready! Often, your vehicle will not pass due to a problem with your emissions control systems. We provide all of the following services to help you get ready to pass emissions:02 Sensor repairs

  • Emission repairs
  • O2 sensor repairs
  • EGR valve repairs
  • Catalytic converter repairs
  • and more!

When you come to us for an Arizona vehicle State Inspection, you can rest assured we will help you every step of the way. Even if your car cannot pass right away, we will work with you until it can.

Another common issue that will cause your vehicle to fail state inspection is a check engine light that is on. If you have a pesky check engine light that won’t go away, please bring your car in to our shop. We can diagnose the issue and find the proper solution. This will get you ready to pass your State Inspection!

If you are in need of an Arizona state inspection in Mesa for your vehicle, stop by our auto repair shop. There is no project too large or too small for us to handle. We can not only provide you with an inspection, but also provide you with the repairs you need to get ready for the inspection! Stop by Street Automotive today.