Cooling System Flush

Change Out Antifreeze

coolant flushHaving the proper amount of clean antifreeze in your vehicle is critical to good engine operation. The primary function of coolant is to protect your car’s engine during times of extreme temperature. If it’s really hot or really cold you then you want to pay special attention to your car’s coolant. That is why we will provide you with a high quality cooling system flush in Mesa. Change out your antifreeze as a part of regular car maintenance.

Most manufacturers of coolant (antifreeze) recommend that you change out the antifreeze once per year and actually flush the coolant every 24-months. In many regions of the country it’s common to get the cooling system flushed right before temperatures fall below freezing or before temperatures go over 100 degrees. In either case, it’s important to clean and flush your radiator / cooling system as a part of scheduled maintenance.

Additionally, coolant helps to protect your radiator and cooling system from rust and decay. Many coolants contain a lubricant to help protect your water pump and other cooling devices from wear. It’s a good idea to check your radiator level frequently or to have your full service auto shop check it at every oil change. If you check it yourself, don’t forget to let the car cool down before taking off the lid to the radiator.

So, if you live in Mesa and need a radiator flush (cooling system flush), come by today for the best deals on automotive service in town! We will help you change out your antifreeze to ensure your vehicle continues to run at its best.