Car Battery Replacement

car batteryYour vehicle’s battery supplies electrical energy to your car. It is rechargeable and will typically last for years. In order for it to properly function your alternator must be doing its job to recharge it. In addition, all the other electrical components of your vehicle must be functioning properly.

However, your car battery, like any component on your vehicle, will eventually need to be replaced. Visit us for car battery replacement in Mesa. We carry a full line of car batteries and can replace or repair your battery on your car or truck.

Car Battery Assessment

If you think that you may have a problem with your car battery, starter or alternator then come visit our qualified mechanics. You may simply need to have your battery connectors cleaned up a bit. Our mechanics can also perform a simple test of your battery and related components to see if your car needs any maintenance.

We can perform a visual inspection of your car’s starter system at any time and it only takes a few minutes. Additionally, we can use a battery tester to test the voltage output of the alternator and the battery. And, if you have other starting or charging issues then we can use a computer diagnostic tool to help identify the problem.

Having your battery checked and replaced is part of proper ongoing vehicle maintenance. Here at Street Automotive our goal is to ensure your car is always operating at its best. Our mechanics are highly skilled and professional. They pay attention to every detail of your vehicle’s operation because we truly care about our client’s safety. Being stranded with a dead battery is an unpleasant experience for anyone. So be sure you check your battery frequently for proper voltage levels.

For quality, affordable battery replacement in Mesa, come visit us at Street Automotive. We look forward to serving you and helping ensure your vehicle continues to operate smoothly.