Alignment Services

car tire alignmentAs a full service auto repair shop we also provide car alignment services in Mesa. It is important to keep your car wheels aligned to prevent premature wear on the tires. If your vehicle’s alignment is off, you can damage a myriad of components on your vehicle.

A wheel alignment is the process of adjusting the car wheels so that they are set straight. This will help the car to travel in a straighter line without the steering wheel pulling left or right. So please stop by today if you are in need of a wheel alignment for your vehicle.

Signs You Need an Alignment

Your vehicle may need an alignment if it has been a while since you installed the current tires. The following are all signs you need a wheel alignment:

  • Strong pull in your steering wheel to the right or left
  • Vibration of your wheel at high speeds
  • Uneven wearing of tire tread
  • Grinding/Squealing noises from the front of your vehicle

Keep in mind, it’s very important to keep your car properly aligned for safety reasons. If your car’s alignment is off, you will not have as much control over your driving and steering as you should.

It might also be possible that you need your wheels balanced instead of an alignment. Or, you could need both an alignment and a balance. Either way, we can help you at Street Automotive. Wheel alignments are a quick process, and we usually can get you in and out of the shop in almost no time at all.

At Street Automotive we have trained, professional mechanics on staff. We will provide you with a free diagnostic and help you determine if an alignment will fix your problem. Our services are extremely affordable, and are often at least half off the cost of a dealership.

When you need quality, affordable car alignment services in Mesa, visit the pros at Street Automotive.