Air Filter Replacement

air filter replacementChanging your car’s air filter is one of the best and least expensive preventive maintenance services that you can perform. You car or truck’s air filter helps keep harmful contaminants from entering your car’s engine intake system.

We provide affordable air filter replacement in Mesa as part of preventative vehicle maintenance. If you have not changed your vehicle’s air filter recently, stop by today to ask about our air filter service. We will help you determine if it is time to change out your air filter.

How Air Filters Work

Most cars use a pleated, paper filter element that is typically flat (although it can be circular). The filter is found inside a plastic housing unit connected to the intake tube. If your air filter becomes clogged, or is simply too old to function properly, it can cause an improper intake of the air to fuel mixture. This prevents your car from running at optimum levels and will cause a drop in gas mileage.

However, your air filter is not the only part of your car’s air intake system. Most cars today also have a breather element and a Positive Crankcase Ventilation System or PCV valveThe breather element is similar to the air filter in that it filters outside air into the PCV valve system. A clogged breather or PCV valve can cause poor engine performance and possible damage over time.

The PCV valve is basically just an emission control device that routes un-burned gas back to the intake manifold so that it can be re-burned to cut down on pollution. It is important that this piece functions properly in order for your vehicle to operate smoothly. If you believe any component of your air filtration system is damaged, please stop by our auto repair shop for a free diagnosis.

We are your one-stop auto repair shop. We have professional, highly skilled mechanics on staff ready to assist you. When you need air filter replacement in Mesa, come see us at Street Automotive. Not only will we replace your air filter, we will check to ensure the entire filtration system is functioning properly. Stop by today for the best maintenance and repair services around! We look forward to seeing you.