Interesting Automotive Facts

trafficWith great innovations like the automobile, lots of change gets brought about. These quantum leaps can drastically increase our role and effect on the world.

To gain some perspective, we’ve put together some interesting automotive facts:



Since 2010, over a billion vehicles have existed on the earth. The United States itself has about a quarter of these.


The title of street with the highest slope goes to Baldwin Street in Dune-din New Zealand at 19.3 degrees.


Your car has well over 30,000 parts, although this does include such minuscule things as bolts and screws.


Surprisingly, birds on public roads in Utah have the right of way.


Automobiles kill more animals in America than hunters do.


London has the most expensive parking spots in the world; you can end up paying over 900$ a month, or 50$ for 3 hours.


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