Improve Your Fuel Economy

trafficGas prices are one of the least reliable items that you can budget. You probably can’t think of anything with more fluctuation on any given day. You might try to fuel up one day, only to find the gas prices dropped the next. Maybe you fuel up just a small amount to tide you over, and then the next morning the price jumped up a lot. You can’t win if you’re trying to predict how the gas prices are going to go. When it comes to saving on gas, you need to focus on what you can manage yourself. You’ll always need gas, but you can affect how much fuel your car uses up. There are a few different ways you can do this, all which improve not only gas consumption, but also your car’s performance.

Take Your Vehicle In

Going in for the routine tune-up is a must. The tune up, depending on where you go, is going to check your fluids, top you off, switch out your spark plugs, tighten up loose fittings, and all this will improve your fuel economy. The spark plug can have a dramatic boost to your fuel economy. A spark plug that isn’t firing properly may cause your car to use up more gas, which in turn zaps your fuel economy. This tune up is a major perk towards saving you money.

tire rotation serviceTire Pressure

Under inflated tires will kill your car’s fuel efficiency. You don’t want over inflated tires as they run the risk of blowing out. You need to make sure your tires are right at where they need to be. Not only is driving a vehicle with an over or under inflated tire dangerous, it’ll cost you more money. All this is corrected by picking up an inexpensive tire pressure reader and then inflating your tires to the correct pressure level. You should have one of these in your vehicle at all times, just so you can check your tire pressure. Don’t worry, you can pick one up for a few bucks at a local convenience store.

Ditch the Rims

Have you seen the vehicles that come with a factor 15-inch wheel but the driver “upgrades” it to 26 inch rims? You might think it looks great, but this is going to kill your fuel economy. These wheels are going to add several hundred pounds at least to the weight of your vehicle. To make up for it your vehicle works harder and burns more fuel. If you have the option and are considering it, feel free to pull the trigger and switch to smaller wheels.

Clean Out the Trunk

You might not have the super-sized rims or you just might not want to swap out. However, there is still extra weight in your vehicle that you can ditch. If you clean out the trunk and back seat, you might be surprised how much you have back there. A trunk full of random odds and ends can add up in weight, all which is bringing down your fuel economy.

Check Your Car’s Computer

This is something you can have your local auto shop do for you. The computer can tell you everything about the vehicle, what is going on and what needs to be fixed. There might be a slight problem preventing your vehicle from running at optimal efficiency. Perhaps your engine’s timing is off. You might not know it by simply looking at the vehicle, but the computer can tell you this. You can also tweak the performance as well. There are all sorts of things you can do once you know what is going on with the car and you have control of the computer. Consider looking into this with a bit of help from your local auto shop.