Important Information from the Service Manual of Your Car or Truck

Each new car or truck is sold with an owner’s or service manual. It’s your important reference on how to use and maintain your vehicle. Make sure you have the right manual because it is specific to each car model. Even car experts need to refer to the owner’s manual because the variation in features of each vehicle model.

Basically, an owner’s manual provides the following information:
1. Location, description and operation of various controls.
Information may include the set up of the audio system, navigational system, the tone for keyless access, delayed lighting, decoding the dashboard lights and other information display.

2. Description and schedule of maintenance required (by the owner and the mechanic).

3. Specifications of accessories and materials such as fuel and oil capacity, light bulb part numbers, or tire pressure.

4. Safety warnings
If your new car is damaged because of your failure to follow a safety warning, you may lose the warranty and pay for its repair and other related expenses.

If you buy a used car, don’t forget to ask for its service manual. If it’s not available, ask some dealers if they have available copies or try to search online. However, you may have to purchase to access or to download the manual to your computer or to print a copy.

A car is a complex machine and new accessories and controls are added to the newer models. It’s always to the motorist’s advantage to read and understand the owner’s manual.

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