Hyundai Issues a Recall

Hyundai has issued a recall for more than 400,000 of its cars and SUVs. The issues with the vehicles involve suspension problems, brake problems and oil leaks.

225,000 Santa Fe SUVs have been issued a recall. The model years affected are from 2001-2006. The problem with the Santa Fe SUVs are a front coil spring on the suspension that can rust and crack easily in cold weather conditions. The springs can break and make contact with tire while driving, which could result in a crash. Hyundai is offering to replace the spring for free at their local dealerships.

More than 133,000 2011 Sonata midsize cars are being recalled for brake fluid problems. Brake fluid leakage has happened in these models, which reduce the vehicle’s brake effectiveness and increases the distance required to make a stop. The leakage is caused by an improper seal between the brake calipers and hoses. Hyundai dealers will also replace those parts for free by the end of September.

Over 60,000 Veracruz SUVs are being recalled for oil leak problems. Veracruz models from 2007 to 2012 are the ones affected. The oil leaks can get onto the vehicle’s alternator, causing the engine to stall and not restart. Hyundai dealers will also replace these parts for free by the end of September.

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