Getting Your Car Ready for Winter Driving in Mesa, AZ

Mesa Tune-up Service

Winter can have harsh conditions for driving especially if your car is not in its proper condition. So, is your car ready for winter driving in Mesa, Arizona? If it’s not yet, now is the time to begin the following preparations to a trouble-free winter driving.

1. Up-to-date compliance with the required maintenance schedule based on the owner’s manual.
Any non compliance should be completed soon or before winter. Check and top off or replace your car fluids as required to avoid any premature engine wear or overheating.

2. Check belts and hoses
Broken, worn out or disconnected belt or hose could leave you stranded which is difficult during winter. Have a professional mechanic check your vehicle to make sure no belt or hose is missed.

3. Cooling system inspection and repair
You can be stranded due to an overheated engine during winter if your car’s cooling system is defective. In addition, the cooling system also provides heat to your car’s interior. Check if coolant hoses, cooling fans, thermostat and radiators are all in good condition or are running properly.

4. Windshield wipers and washer system
The wiper should be able to keep your windshield clean. Also, change your windshield if there are many pits and chips, even a new wiper blade can’t give you a clear view of the road ahead. Check also the windshield washer system. Make sure you change it to the washer fluid formulation for winter.

5. Check the tires
Check the tread depth, tire pressure, wear out and alignment. If the tread depth is near the 2/32-inch minimum limit, replace it because your car needs tires with deeper tread to provide more traction while navigating on snow and ice. Check your tire’s sidewall if it’s ‘All Season,” “M+S” or summer tires? You may still use “All Season” or “M+S” tires for winter but it’s up to your road condition if you need to replace them with winter tires.

With your car in top running condition, you can be confident and safe while driving this coming winter. In Mesa, you can prepare your car with Mesa Tune-up Service or Mesa Alignments services provided by Street Automotive Mesa auto repair at 6410 E. Main St., Mesa AZ 85205.