Get Your Car AC Repaired in Mesa

Summer is in full swing in Mesa, and if you’ve been stuck driving around in a car or truck with no air conditioning, things can get pretty heated (pun intended).

There are a couple different reasons you might no be getting any cool air from your AC. You could be running low on Freon, which is the substance you need to cool the air down as it goes through the AC system. Another possibility could be that there’s an issue with the AC compressor itself, and that’s a little more worrisome.

A bad compressor could seize up and do some damage to the belts or other components, so it’s not necessarily something you should just ignore, although, we don’t know how you could considering the temperature outside.

If your tired of just trying to get by with the window rolled down until fall comes around, give us a call or bring you car in to our shop, and we’ll get to work figured out what the problem is with your AC.