Fall Vehicle Prep: How To Get Ready

Photo of Fall VehicleFall is nearly upon us! The great thing is that fall means cooler temperatures, relaxing nights, and the kids all back at school. The bad thing is that fall means potentially vehicle damaging weather.  We decided to compile a short list of things you should check on or replace with your car to make sure it is good to go this fall!

  • Check: When you get a moment, check your lights, both head and tail, and make sure all of your bulbs are good to go. Test your brakes while out to make sure they are working properly. Definitely take a good look at your tires. You want to check your tire pressure and eye the wear on your tire. Take a penny and set it between the tire treads. You should not be able to see Abe Lincoln. If you do, its time for new tires.
  • Test: Always check your battery. Batteries are one of those things we never think of as needing check. Either your car turns on or it doesn’t. Make sure you get it checked out by a local shop, but you can definitely check around for any corrosion around the top of the battery. Try your defroster and your heater. Your heater will be a little easier to test, but with your defroster, wait for your first slightly cold night and check to see if it’s running.
  • Change:  There are three things you should change throughout the year but definitely for fall. Get your oil, air filter, and wiper blades changed. These are all fairly easy (albeit messy) change overs. if you don’t feel comfortable giving it a try, come by your local auto-shop.
  • Car Wash & Detail (optional):  While this is optional, who doesn’t feel great when their car is clean and ready to take on the world?

These are just a few things you can do to get ready for the fall season! If you notice anything odd or out of the ordinary during your vehicle check, the best idea is to get a full inspection for your vehicle as soon as you can. Give us a call today at 480-641-8784 to set up your inspection!