Extend the Life of Your Car with Regular Mesa Tune-Up

A car or truck tune-up is an important part of any vehicle’s maintenance. Tune-ups are relatively inexpensive and they are necessary to keep the vehicle running almost problem-free for a long time as well as to improve its fuel economy.
The services included in a tune-up vary according to the type of car (for example, your car has no spark plug) but they usually include the inspection and replacement/adjustment if necessary of the following: Spark plugs and wires; Distributor cap and rotor; Fuel and air filters; Worn/ defective belts; PCV valve; Oil and filter change; Lights; Battery, Tires and Wiper blades. Some tune-ups include the adjustment and testing of idle speed and air to fuel ratio as well as cleaning of the fuel injection system.

If it’s your first time in a Mesa Auto Repair shop, ask what are included in its tune-up services if it’s not posted inside the shop.

In Mesa, AZ., go to Street Automotive at 6410 E. Main St., Mesa AZ 85205 for your regular Mesa tune-up to extend the life of your car and avoid costly repairs.