Easy DIY Tire Changing!

In today’s challenging economy we are always looking for ways to save time and money! Most people do not know a thing about fixing cars, and that is understandable. However, one of the easiest fixes to have done on a car is to change the tire. What happens if you catch a flat? Money could be tight at that time, one has the choice to let a professional complete the easy job, and then ones has the choice to attempt the task themselves. One of the greatest ways to save money would be to do something on your own instead of paying someone to do it for you. In the long run, the amount of money being saved is well worth doing the work.

mesa az tire rotationI will say that the automobile business can be tricky, in regards to mechanics not being honest. Sometimes you may have dealings with a mechanic that would over charge you for something as simple as changing a flat tire. Then you have the honest mechanic that would complete the task for you at a very reasonable price (mesaautoshop.com). This could all be null and void if you can learn to change a tire yourself. I hope this article can of some assistance. The steps are pretty simple. This way you are not faced with any dishonesty and you can walk away knowing that you have successfully completed a task and at no cost what so ever. Than you can teach someone else this and more people can be happy. That’s a great way to approach something as simple as saving some money.

The best way to approach changing a flat tire is to know where everything is located. If the Owner Manual is available that should be kept around for research. The first thing would be locating the jack and the spare tire from inside the car trunk. Usually that is where it is, in some cars it may be underneath the bottom of the car. The next step would be to loosen the lug nuts on the tire. This is done with the tire iron. Body weight is used to get the nuts going. Do not take them off completely; just be sure they are loose. Next you should start jacking up the car. Be sure that the jack is positioned correctly. One may want to look in the Owner Manual for help with this. Once the car is safe and secure off the ground, you can start to remove the lug nuts. They should be able to come off by using your hands. Simply turn them, once they are all off, you should be able to easily take off that flat tire. Easy right! Next, get the new tire up and align the holes with the grooves where the lug nuts go and simply place the new tire on the car. Be sure to keep the tire secure until the lug nuts go back on. This can be done by leaning up against the tire, not applying to much body weight. Lastly, start to put the nuts back on one by one. Simply add them, and try to screw them back on as tightly as possible. Once they are back on, you can now start to lower the car off the jack. Once the car is off the jack tighten the nuts with the tire iron. This procedure should be used with body weight. All done! That wasn’t hard, now was it?tire change

This would be the best way to insure that your tire gets fixed, and you being able to save some money. The only pro in getting this job done professionally is that it would probably be done very quickly. If you’re in a rush than go with professionals, otherwise, take some time out of your day and the job can be completed by yourself.