Common Causes of Car Vibrations

If you own a car, truck, or SUV, sooner or later you will discover that the vehicle will vibrate. It’s bound to happen due to common problems of the vehicle most of the time. Especially with regular wear and tear of different parts of the car, strange behavior of the car, such as car vibrating, strange odor, and a strange noise, will happen from time to time.

The Causes of Vibrations in Cars

When it comes to the car vibrating, it can be caused by numerous situations. It can be caused by problems with the engine, chassis, steering, drivetrain, tires, brakes, car manufacturing issues, or suspension components of the vehicle. And while there are many causes of the vibrating, the common causes come from the tires being out of balance; by out of round brake rotors; and when a brake caliper sticks.

1. Tires out of balance
auto repair mesa azWith out of balance tires, the steering wheel may shake when the car is moving at a speed of 50-55 miles per hour. The shaking normally gets worse when the vehicle is going at approximately 60 mph, but starts to get better when the vehicle is moving at high speeds.

2. Out of round brake rotors
Sometimes the shaking of the steering wheel is due to out of round brake rotors. You may feel this shaking while braking. This shaking can be felt through the brake pedal also.

3. Brake caliper sticking
When the vehicle is moving around 45 to 50 mph, the steering wheel may vibrate due to the brake caliper sticking, and the vibrating will become worse at higher speeds. Also, when you stop, a burning odor smell will occur. Having a professional at Street Automotive can fix your brake repair in mesa Az if you don’t have the tools.

There are key ways to troubleshoot the problem; however, it will be hard to do without accurate knowledge and/or tools. Nevertheless, there are some basic troubleshooting techniques to perform with the process of elimination, and this is done without the use of tools or sophisticated knowledge. With all the vast information available on the web, or retrieved from a trusted and reliable car shop or mechanic, there are some basic troubleshooting techniques that can be used to either determine the probbrake repair mesalem, or at least perform the process of elimination.


One troubleshooting process is by speeding up or slowing down the speed of the vehicle. When doing this, you can determine whether or not the car will worsen in vibrating, start to pull on one side, make a loud noise, or do any other odd behavior. Once again, in most cases, the vibration of vehicles are due to tires or the brakes. And adjusting the speed of the car will normally give an indicator of where the problem may lie. Also, another troubleshooting device is the removal of the serpentine belt. Once removed, you can determine whether or not the vibration is gone. You must also then check all of the driven components. A drive line vibration may be the problem, if the vibrating occurs only upon the car moving. If the vibration is due to speed (not RPM), then the transmission gear and engine can be eliminated.

Upon these troubleshooting devices, many times a trusted mechanic is still needed for verification, and to look more in detail concerning the tires, brakes, or other components of the vehicle. As a matter of fact, no matter how much a person is trained in the mechanics of a vehicle, many times a trusted and reliable car shop is needed for further testing and problem solving.

Car Shop Diagnosis

brake repair mesa azYou can take your car to the car manufacturer, or a trusted car mechanic to perform the troubleshooting for you rather you know about troubleshooting or not. Either way, many times you still have to get more detailed information of the problem. For instance, there are different parts and elements to tires and brakes. Because of that, more detailed diagnosis is needed to determine if the brake rotors need to be replaced, if all the tires in good condition, if a wheel alignment is needed, whether or not the brake fluid need to be changed, etc.

Then there are times when the car must be placed on one of the car shop’s different specialized machines to determine if there is any issue with calibration, the chassis, engine, the balance, etc. Vehicle vibration is normally caused by problems with tires or brakes, but unfortunately, there are more expensive problems that deal with the parts, such as the transmission, engine, and the suspension system.

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