Why You Should Check Your Tires Regularly

Checking your tires should be a part of your regular routine. Not only can they tell you when it’s time for a rotation, they can reveal other problems with your car. Here are some signs of uneven tire wear to watch out for:

Outer Edge Wear

check your tiresThis is the result of underinflation, a dangerous condition that can lead to your tires overheating and blowing out, especially in the hot summer months. Not only does this put you at risk of tire failure, it can cause you to destroy tires sooner than expected, costing you more money down the road. Pay attention to tire pressure, either by your dashboard indicator light or manually, and check your tires every month or so to avoid extreme tire wear.

Cupping or Scalloping

Resembling little hills and valleys, cupping or scalloping is often a result of damaged suspension components. The damage occurs when the worn suspension causes your car to bounce instead of traveling smoothly. This can not only be uncomfortable, but can lead to severely damaged tires that often need replacing.

Single Side Wear And Feathering

Single side wear usually signals that your alignment is off. You may also notice feathering, which occurs on the edge of the tire with a “ramp” of increasing wear closer to the edge. These could also be the result of a bad ball joint, bushing, or other worn suspension components. Bring your car in to get the alignment checked before your tires get too bad.

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