Car Care Tips for Hot Weather Driving in Mesa

It’s summer!!! It’s most likely that you’re planning to take some long drives before the season ends. And here are some suggestions to make sure that you don’t find yourself stranded on some roadside and that you’re comfortable enough to truly enjoy the fantastic view along the way.

1. Check your car’s coolant level and quality as well as those of the other car fluids to avoid overheating. Warning: Don’t open the radiator cap until the radiator has cooled down. You may find yourself being sprayed with hot coolant or steam.

2. Is the cooling fan working when the air conditioner is on? Is the air conditioner blowing cold air? If it’s not giving off cold air, check for refrigerant or leaks.

3. Check battery age which is indicated by the date code in the battery itself (the number indicates the year and the letter represents the month – A for January, B for February, and so on up to December). It could be functioning when you check but due for replacement by the time you take the trip. Check the owner’s manual for the battery replacement schedule.

4. Check if the car is due for oil change or if the oil is already dirty and of low viscosity. If it’s really hot, you may want to change to synthetic oil which is stable during hot weather.

5. Check windshield wipers if they are brittle and need replacement.

6. Check the tires for wear, damage or age cracks. Check also the air pressure. Don’t forget to check the spare.

For safe driving, protect yourself from the heat and glare of the sun with a shade for the windshield and a hat for your head. If you are in Mesa, AZ let the expert Mesa mechanics thoroughly check your car. Go to Street Automotive Mesa Auto Repair at 6410 E. Main St. Mesa, AZ 85205