Brake Fluid 101

Brake FluidYou probably don’t think about your brake fluid. It is just one of the liquids under the hook that is necessary to make the car function properly. However, brake fluid is vital and one of the most important solutions in your car. Without the proper amount, your brakes won’t function correctly. Here’s the 101 on your car’s brake fluid.

What Is The Brake Fluids True Function?

Some call it a “hydraulic fluid.” You’ve probably heard the term “hydraulic” before, but like most, you don’t know what it means. It means moved or driven by fluids. That’s precisely what brake fluid does: it transfers components in your automobile’s braking arrangement back and forth. Brake fluid is extraordinary. Its role is one that is particularly difficult. It has to work flawlessly under strenuous forces and high temperatures. This is why maintaining your brake fluid in good repair is essential. It won’t work as effectively if not.

Brake Fluid and Humidity

It’s essential to level and change your brake fluid occasionally, since brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture. You need to protect your brake fluid from contact with water. This can happen when topping off the fluid. The bad part is this fluid can even pull moisture in straight from the air. During a period of time, brake fluid becomes excessively flooded with moisture, which causes it to destroy its once functional makeup. Once humidity reaches a certain level, the brake fluid is not able to function the same. This goes for all brake hydraulic systems.

When There’s No Brake Fluid in a Car?

If there is no brake fluid in the car, the brake system will stop working. This leaves you in grave danger of having an accident. Brakes should be maintained. They should be on a schedule of replacement about every 30,000 miles. If you have any inclination that your car is leaking brake fluid, it needs to be checked right away to see what the problem is. In an older car, the brake lines can deteriorate over time, as they are made of rubber. When the car is not getting the proper lubrication, the brakes will not be able to work. Remember, it is a hydraulic system that is fluid driven. Without that fluid they cease to be able to function properly.

Why You Shouldn’t Change Your Own Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is rather inexpensive to replace, and most people feel that it’s one of those jobs they can tackle on their own. However, the brake system as a whole is very expensive to replace. While fluid is just the concern in a flush and fill, it’s the entire operation as a whole that must be considered. As a hydraulic system, you have to make sure that the fluid levels are exact. If there was a leak and it caused you to loose fluid, then you must resolve the source of the leak first.
mechanic looking under carA leak can be coming from many places. To find and resolve the leak takes time and knowledge. Letting the brake fluid go from the housing is not hard, but finding an issue can be. If it’s not coming from the line, which is often hard to detect, you have to play detective and find where it is coming from. Now, because the brakes are vital to the operation of the car, if the fluids are not correct you could be in real danger.

A professional is well versed in all aspects of the braking system. They can tell things that are wrong in a car by smell, appearance and even the color of a fluid. The common person doesn’t have this knowledge and they won’t be able to tell all of these things. Oftentimes, there may be an internal part of the brake that is allowing the fluid to not penetrate the area, like the caliper is sticking. A mechanic can quickly identify these problems and resolve them with ease. Unfortunately, most people who have no training usually end up making a bigger mess and then getting help later. It can be more expensive to get help after something else has been damaged.

When it comes to the brake system, be proactive and make sure to always have a professional service help you outFor more information, please give us a call at (480) 641-8784 or just stop by our location. We look forward to hearing from you!