Three Reasons to Change Your Car Air Filter

Car Air Filter

A Dirty Car Air Filter Can Have a Dramatic Effect On Your Car’s Performance.

Your car air filter fulfills an important role in the operation of your vehicle. As a matter of fact, for every gallon of gas your engine consumes, it uses 10,000 gallons of air. Because of this, your car’s air filter has an important impact on engine operation and fuel efficiency. If it has been awhile since you changed your car air filter, consider these reasons to get back on track.

Longer Engine Life

Your air filter was designed to catch dirt and debris before it can reach the engine. A dirty air filter cannot accomplish this task, and inflicts unnecessary wear on your engine. To prolong the life of the engine, change the air filter regularly. Even a small piece of debris can result in costly repairs and a shortened lifespan.

Fewer Emissions

A dirty or clogged air filter will reduce the flow of air that reaches your engine. This essentially chokes your car, and affects the air and fuel mixture that you engine needs to operate. Less air and more fuel generates a richer mixture that increases emissions and leaves destructive deposits in the engine.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Increased fuel efficiency stands as one of the main reasons to take care of your car’s air filter. Studies have determined that a clean air filter can increase your car’s gas mileage by a factor of 10 percent.

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Reasons for a Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

Your Check Engine Light Could Have a Number of Causes.

A check engine light will often illuminate to confusion and frustration. You don’t know what the notification means, only that you need to take your vehicle in for service. This proves especially obnoxious, as it means we must trust our mechanic’s word on the problem.

At Street Automotive, we never mislead customers, and only provide top-notch service. Nevertheless, we think it’s important for drivers to understand their dashboard lights. If you receive a check engine light, it likely appears due to one of the following.

Loose Gas Cap

A sealed gas cap helps regulate the pressure in your gas tank. If you don’t attend to this, you can lose fuel due to evaporation, and make more trips to the gas station.

Spark Plugs

Your engine light will appear when your spark plugs need replacement. Spark plugs ignite the air and fuel combination inside your combustion chamber. Without them, you could experience poor performance and worse fuel efficiency.

Mass Airflow Sensor

This sensor measures the air that enters your engine to determine fuel requirements for smooth operation. If you do not fix this, you will experience worse performance.

Catalytic Converter

This device aids the environment through the conversion of carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. Cars with faulty catalytic converters will experience worsened performance and fuel economy.

O2 Sensor

This sensor measures the unburned oxygen in your exhaust. This prevents your engine from burning too much fuel, a function without which you can count on reduced fuel efficiency. You car will burn up 40 percent more gas with a compromise O2 sensor.

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Signs of a Bad Alternator

Signs of a Bad AlternatorCustomers sometimes ask us; “what does the alternator do?” Alternators and batteries work in unison to to charge a vehicles electric needs. Alternators are designed to function as amperage generators, from which the battery can access the required electricity. If you are having problems with your battery, it could be one of the signs of a bad alternator. At Street Automotive, we maintenance vehicles, and help you get back on the road ASAP. Call 480-641-8784 for auto maintenance in Mesa, AZ. Below are some alternator symptoms that require professional assistance:

Dead Battery

Most people assume a dead battery is due to the battery itself, failing. While this is true in some cases, other times dead batteries are one of the signs of a bad alternator. Since the alternator supplies the charge for your car battery, any disconnection between the two mechanisms, can cause battery failure. If you are unsure of this applies to battery symptoms or alternator symptoms, contact Street Automotive and set up an inspection.

Faded Headlights

Did you notice faded or dim headlights while driving at night? This can be an indication of a damaged alternator. Alternators are the source of electricity for your headlights, so a weakening beam is likely originating from a substandard electrical supply. A mechanic will inspect your vehicle and provide a more concrete diagnosis.

Indicator Light

The most obvious of all the alternator symptoms, is the indicator light. On many vehicles, a light will read “ALT” indicating a known issue with your alternator. On some models, the light might display “GEN” instead of “ALT” but in each case, professional assistance is required. Call 480-641-8784 for auto maintenance in Mesa, AZ!

Get Your Car Summer Ready

summer ready

To avoid a breakdown in hot weather, get your car serviced for summer.

Guides to winterize a vehicle pop up with a great deal of regularity. Summer also presents lots of reasons to prepare your vehicle, however. After all, the last thing anyone wants is a breakdown while in the middle of a summer road trip. Pursue the suggestions written below, and you’ll have a vehicle made completely summer ready.

Air Conditioning and Cooling System

You use your air conditioning more in summer than any other season. If your system regularly struggles, then summer could make it fail definitively. Do yourself a favor, and have the system reviewed at a professional shop. The same goes for your car’s cooling system. An overheated car actually creates more breakdowns than anything else. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to have your cooling system flushed and refilled every couple years.


A blowout can also lead to an abrupt end to summer road trip fun. Check the treads and sidewall closely for wear and cuts. Even a minor spot of damage can quickly develop into a blowout. You should also have your tires rotated every 5,000 miles, If your tires look a little bald, get them replaced before a major trip.

Emergency Kit

Nothing makes your car more summer ready and prepared for road trips than a well-stocked emergency kit. You can use a plastic tub for your kit, and store it in your trunk for emergencies. The kit should contain first-aid supplies, a flashlight, cell phone charger, blankets, water, and non-perishable snacks. You should also consider the purchase of a gas container.

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When to Call A Professional Mechanic For Maintenance

When it comes to owning a car, you know that regular vehicle maintenance is essential to keep it running for a long time. However, which bits of maintenance can you handle alone, and which services should you ask a professional to attend to? There is no perfect answer to this question, as your personal skill level may differ from that of your neighbor. To make things easier for our clients, we have laid out a list of services divided by difficulty, so as to help you determine what is within your own skill level.

car repair and maintenance

When it comes to auto maintenance, some things you can DIY, and other things you need professional help for!

The basic level: These vehicle maintenance requirements are great for beginners, as they require basic tools and simple procedures.

  • Washing your Car: Believe it or not, washing your car is a form of preventative maintenance. Rust builds quickly on a dirty car, so it is best to clean it often. This job requires basic tools such as water, soap, towels, and a willingness to use your muscle!
  • Changing your Oil: Everyone knows they need to change the oil in their cars every few thousand miles. For this entry level job you need a wrench or socket for the drain plug and filter, and you may need to raise the front of your vehicle to access the drain plug. You will also need to buy the right kind of oil, filter, and a receptacle to catch the old oil.
  • Changing your Windshield Wipers: No tools required for most vehicles. Just follow the directions in your vehicle user manual, or on the package of your new windshield wipers.
  • Adjusting your Tire Pressure: With a pressure gauge and access to compressed air, you can fill your own air tires with very little experience.

The intermediate level: For the following, you will need more than just basic tools. You’ll probably need a fully stocked tool box with pliers, sockets, open end wrenches, and screwdrivers.

  • Changing your Spark Plugs: All you need is some patience, a socket wrench, and a feeler gauge.
  • Changing your Brakes: Count on your repair manual for this one, but with the right tools and supplies, you may be able to handle this on your own.

The advanced level: These issues are typically too advanced for your typical residential garage, as far as tools and lifting capabilities go. Repairs in the advanced level usually require professional tools and skill.

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Signs that You need Suspension Repair

Taking care of your car’s suspension is important, but many drivers tend to neglect it. Not only can untreated problems make things worse, they can also decrease your safety and driving ability. Stay safe and save money by watching for these common signs that you need suspension repair.

Rough Ride

Car Suspension

Watch for Signs of Suspension Wear and Damage to Prevent more Costly Damage!

One of the most common indicators of worn shocks or struts is a rough ride. If you feel like every dip in the road is an enormous pothole or your vehicle won’t stop bouncing around, you probably need new shocks or struts. Not only do they make driving on rough roads much more bearable, they help you stop quickly.

Uneven Tire Tread

Do you already see wear on your new tires? Are certain areas wearing more than others? Uneven tire wear is a common result of suspension problems. Whether your car is bouncing too much or out of alignment, you should have it checked quickly before wasting more money on tires! Often a result of worn shocks or struts or poor alignment, uneven tire wear can sometimes indicate a more serious problem.

Clunking Sounds

Do you hear clunking or knocking sounds under your vehicle, especially when making a turn? Does your car pull or steer poorly? This often indicates a worn ball joint or other suspension problem. Such problems can increase your chances of a rollover and decrease your steering ability, so don’t neglect repairs!

If you notice any of these signs that you need suspension repair, call Street Automotive at 480-641-8784 for professional suspension repair in Mesa, AZ!

Signs That You Should Check Your Oil

Do you remember the last time you changed your oil? If you skipped your last scheduled oil change, you should get to a mechanic quickly. Saving money on an oil change isn’t worth ruining your engine! Watch out for these signs that you should check your oil.

You Don’t Remember Your Last Oil Change

Signs That You Should Check Your Oil

Follow your Oil Change Schedule for Best Performance

Perhaps one of the biggest signs that you should check your oil is not remembering when you last did so. Most vehicles go approximately 5,000 miles between oil changes, though your car may differ. This roughly translates to every 6 months, but could be more or less depending on how often you drive. Where you drive and how you drive can also affect how quickly your car needs an oil change. It’s best to follow the guideline set by your manufacturer for your specific model.

Your Engine is Especially Loud

When there is not enough lubricant or oil in your engine, your engine might run louder. This comes from various parts grinding or rubbing instead of moving smoothly. If you notice that your engine seems louder than usual, take a look at your oil to see if it is low. Other unusual noises from your engine may be cause for concern and you should inspect it or take it to an auto shop.

Your Engine Light is On

No one likes to see their engine light come on, especially if they can’t figure out why. The first things you should check when this happens are the gas cap and oil level. Modern vehicles will trigger a sensor if the fuel cap is not properly secured, and some have oil lights that are separate from the check engine light. Read your owner’s manual to learn which dashboard light indicates a problem with your oil.

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5 Signs Your Car’s Transmission Is In Need of Servicing

Having your car’s transmission in good condition is critical. In order to have your car working properly, the transmission needs to be taken care of. If you aren’t sure when you need to get your transmission serviced, there are a few signs you should look out for. Here are 4 signs you need transmission service.

5 Signs Your Car's Transmission Is In Need of Servicing

The Car’s Transmission Is Slipping

Car transmission service is inevitable if your transmission is slipping. Slipping is when you start to drive your vehicle and it feels like your car is slipping out of gear without you touching it.

Transmission Fluid Is Leaking

If you are parked and the bottom of the pavement is covered in a clear or cloudy red fluid, you need transmission service. This can mean your transmission has a leak.

The Transmission Is Making Weird Noises

When you are driving your car and you hear any whining or buzzing noises, this can be a clue that your car needs transmission service.

Gears Are Grinding

Whenever you drive your car and you shift gears, it should feel smooth. If you experience the feeling of grinding when you switch gears, you need to take your car in immediately. Grinding gears can be a sign of a worn clutch.

Odd Or Burning Smells

If you change gears or you are smelling something unusual coming from your transmission, you need to get it serviced right away. An odd smell is never a good thing.

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Finding a Local Automotive Repair Shop

You need to take your car in for repairs. But in Mesa, there’s a automotive mechanic on every corner, so how do you choose which one to trust with your vehicle? Here are some questions to ask before taking your vehicle in for repairs or maintenance.

Street Automotive Store

Are written estimates given prior to repairs being made?
Work with a repair business that does an inspection of your vehicle and offers and written estimate before they even start working on your vehicle. That way, you know exactly what services are being done and how much it will cost you.

Are the mechanics ASE Certified?
When you leave your car in someone else’s hands you will want to ensure they’ve had proper training. ASE Certified mechanics have gone through extensive training for vehicle repairs and quality automotive work.

Does the company have references?
It should be easy to find potential repair shops online and along with reviews of their work through popular sites like Google and Yelp. These reviews will give you a good idea of how well customers are treated, how they handle vehicles, and if they offer affordable solutions.

Your vehicle is a valuable investment, so finding the right automotive mechanic to repair it is important. For quality automotive repairs in the Mesa, AZ area, contact Street Automotive today at 480-641-8784! Our certified technicians are available to make sure your car is running at top performance.

Why You Should Check Your Tires Regularly

Checking your tires should be a part of your regular routine. Not only can they tell you when it’s time for a rotation, they can reveal other problems with your car. Here are some signs of uneven tire wear to watch out for:

Outer Edge Wear

check your tiresThis is the result of underinflation, a dangerous condition that can lead to your tires overheating and blowing out, especially in the hot summer months. Not only does this put you at risk of tire failure, it can cause you to destroy tires sooner than expected, costing you more money down the road. Pay attention to tire pressure, either by your dashboard indicator light or manually, and check your tires every month or so to avoid extreme tire wear.

Cupping or Scalloping

Resembling little hills and valleys, cupping or scalloping is often a result of damaged suspension components. The damage occurs when the worn suspension causes your car to bounce instead of traveling smoothly. This can not only be uncomfortable, but can lead to severely damaged tires that often need replacing.

Single Side Wear And Feathering

Single side wear usually signals that your alignment is off. You may also notice feathering, which occurs on the edge of the tire with a “ramp” of increasing wear closer to the edge. These could also be the result of a bad ball joint, bushing, or other worn suspension components. Bring your car in to get the alignment checked before your tires get too bad.

If you need suspension repair or alignment services, visit Street Automotive in Mesa, AZ today, or call us at 480-641-8784. And don’t forget to check your tires!