Numerous people own vehicles, but few have the technological know-how around its working. Apparently, not all glitches are rocket science; some just require a basic knowledge and skilled hands. Such a glitch is a dead car battery. No need to make a mountain out of a molehill, all you need is a jump start. Necessarily, it doesn’t require a mechanics brain for this hands-on task.

A dead battery can be due to some various reasons. Whether you left the lights on for too long, or you have an old battery, jumpstarting a vehicle is easy. First, you have to run a diagnostics check by:

dead battery mesa azListening to your engine- the engine will turn slowly in case of a dead battery and;
Testing with your lights- when you turn on the interior and exterior lights they dim significantly.

For a successful jumpstart, one requires a jumper cable and a second running vehicle. Once you have acquired the second vehicle, park close enough without touching the dead one. If the vehicles are in contact while the Jumpstart is being conducted, it may create a shock. Consequently, both vehicles need to be turned off to avoid any electrical overloads.

Caution and safety also need to be observed for a successful jumpstart. These come in handy especially while hooking up the jumper cables. Eye protection to avoid flying sparks, and gloves are very crucial. Identify both positive and negative terminals of the batteries of each car. Usually, jumper cables have distinctive colors, that is, red and black. The red cable is first hooked on the positive terminal of the running vehicle while the opposite side is hooked onto the positive terminal of the dead car. However, with the black cable things are the little bit different. While the clamp on one side is hooked onto the negative terminal of the running car, the opposite clamp is hooked onto a ground piece of metal on the dead car. While doing all this ensure none of the cables is dangling inside the engine compartment.

Finally comes the easy part. Once the live car is turned on, stall for a few minutes before turning on the dead one. It should be done while there is kept distance between the hood of the car and people who might be standing nearby. In case the dead car doesn’t start up, ensure the clamps are appropriately placed, then turn the key in the ignition again. Leave both cars running for a while before removing the jumper cables. They should be removed in reverse while ensuring the clamps do not touch. The formerly dead car should be left running for at least twenty minutes to help recharge.

jump startJumpstarting is among the many basic problems of any vehicle that require troubleshooting. Many complications arise as is with every machinery, but not all require expertise handling. Some of the common problems with auto repair mesa include brake problem, automatic transmission troubleshooting, suspension issues, troubleshooting engine performance and warning lights just to mention but a few. For successful troubleshooting, one needs to know his/her vehicle. Smoke, poor gas mileage, warning lights on, shaking and squealing are just a few of the symptoms used to run diagnostics.

As much as there are basic problems, there are also major complications that require expertise handling. However, not all mechanics offer professional services. Nonetheless, there are pros and cons to handing in your vehicle to the shop for repair:

You have an expert handling your vehicle. Repairs are made faster and much better.
Professional handling allows for the more diagnostic check. The mechanic can identify small glitches that may escalate in the future.

Being ripped off. A lot of mechanics may charge a little extra especially with clients who don’t know their way around a vehicle.
Incomplete or inexpert work since there is no constant observation.

A car poses a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Proper handling and maintenance are crucial to avoiding unwanted accidents and losses. Road worthy vehicles ensure a much safer and comfortable driving environment that can be attributed to proper car maintenance.