Assembling Your Vehicle Emergency Kit


Although stores do sell the assembled emergency car kit, it may prove to be more beneficial to assemble your own. The DIY option allows you to specialize your kit to your desire and allows you to include more. So if you’re looking into the do it yourself option, check out the list below of what to Assembling Your Vehicle Emergency Kithave in your vehicle emergency kit.

Emergency Signaling Device: This is to alert oncoming traffic of your presence on the side of the road. We recommend having either road flares or reflective triangles.
Extra Food and Water: This is a necessity. If you do get stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, who’s to say how long you will be there before actually comes. The best option is to stay in the vehicle until someone comes to help and this way you’ll be able to stay hydrated and fed.
Fire Extinguisher: This is typically a component of the emergency kit that is forgotten. There have been times that you’ve been driving down the road and witnessed someone with an engine fire and sometimes even the entire vehicle engulfed in flames. It’s something that  happens. But something that disastrous can be avoided with the help of an extinguisher.
Flashlight: Who’s to say that you’ll have the necessary light to check under your hood or to see what you’re doing while checking on your tires. This is a tool that can come in handy when wen you need to shed some light on what you’re doing.
Spare Tire/ Tire Iron: The most common roadside issue that drivers face is a flat tire. This can be a simple fix as long as you have the knowledge of changing a flat along with the necessary tools: The tire iron to hoist the car up and the spare tire to replace the flat.

So if you have any questions about assembling your vehicle emergency kit, feel free to to call the experts at Street Automotive. We’re here to help you and your car any way we can. Contact us at 480-641-8784.