ASE Certified Auto Mechanics in Mesa, AZ

What is the importance of ASE certification to drivers and owners when they choose auto repair shops or auto mechanics to attend to their cars or trucks? ASE certification is an assurance of the competence of an automotive repair and service professional. At the least, you are assured that the technicians know what they are doing.

ASE certification is provided by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), a professional certification organization to automotive repair and service professionals who passed their examinations and other performance standards. A non-profit national testing organization, the ASE conducts the tests and certifications to upgrade the level of competence in the field of vehicle service and repair.

Work experience and /or formal training are required to be able to take the certification examination in any of the eight major areas of specialization. For example, if your experience is on engine repair, then you apply for engine repair certification. As your expertise expands, you can take certifications for other areas, say in maintenance and repair of brakes. After certification in eight major automotive areas, the technician becomes an ASE Master Certified Technician.

Certified technicians get a certificate, the blue ASE shoulder insignia and wallet ID card. They can display the ASE blue insignia on their shirts or on the shop where they work. ASE certifications are good for four years. Recertification requires taking the current versions of the examination and certification process. Now, ASE certification is not just for technicians but for other jobs in the automotive industry, too.

In Mesa, AZ, you’ll find ASE certified Mesa Mechanics at Street Automotive Mesa Auto Repair located at 6410 E Main St. Mesa (between Recker Rd. and Power Rd).