5 Signs Your Car’s Transmission Is In Need of Servicing

Having your car’s transmission in good condition is critical. In order to have your car working properly, the transmission needs to be taken care of. If you aren’t sure when you need to get your transmission serviced, there are a few signs you should look out for. Here are 4 signs you need transmission service.

5 Signs Your Car's Transmission Is In Need of Servicing

The Car’s Transmission Is Slipping

Car transmission service is inevitable if your transmission is slipping. Slipping is when you start to drive your vehicle and it feels like your car is slipping out of gear without you touching it.

Transmission Fluid Is Leaking

If you are parked and the bottom of the pavement is covered in a clear or cloudy red fluid, you need transmission service. This can mean your transmission has a leak.

The Transmission Is Making Weird Noises

When you are driving your car and you hear any whining or buzzing noises, this can be a clue that your car needs transmission service.

Gears Are Grinding

Whenever you drive your car and you shift gears, it should feel smooth. If you experience the feeling of grinding when you switch gears, you need to take your car in immediately. Grinding gears can be a sign of a worn clutch.

Odd Or Burning Smells

If you change gears or you are smelling something unusual coming from your transmission, you need to get it serviced right away. An odd smell is never a good thing.

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